View map statistics

The map statistics feature displays a pie chart that shows the number of documents that have arrived at each status point.

The number of documents at each status point is shown both as a fraction and as a percentage of the total number.
Note: The total number of documents is the sum of:
  • The parent map file
  • Topics referenced by the parent map
  • Images referenced by the topics
  • All referable-content topics used by the topics
  • Submaps referenced by the parent map
  • All topics, images, referable-content topics, submaps etc. referenced by these submaps

Buttons on this display window let you print its contents or export them as a PDF.

To view map statistics:

Do one of the following:
  • In the DITA Map view or DITA Map Editor, click the Show statistics button (Show statistics icon).
  • In Project Management view, right-click any map and then select Show Statistics.
The statistics display appears.
Map statistics