View project milestone statistics

This feature produces a graphical summary of the milestones for your project, as well as for individual maps.

It produces a bar chart that summarizes the milestones that you have configured for your project and gives you an overview of the number of maps that have arrived at each status point.

The project-wide milestones appear at the top of the chart. Map-specific milestones are shown in a different color at the bottom of the chart.

The illustration below shows the graphic produced for a project containing four maps. The pink bars show the milestones configured for the project as a whole. The blue bars show the milestones configured for one specific map: Bicycle Upkeep.

The green bar inside each pink bar represents the number of maps that have reached that status point. You can see that two of the maps in the project have reached Authoring:review, and that the same number have reached Authoring:accepted. One map has arrived at Authoring:done, and none has yet been Published.
Note: States and status points are installation-specific. Those shown in the illustration are the ones used at IXIASOFT Technology and may differ from the ones used in your working environment.

Buttons on this display window let you print its contents or export them as a PDF.

To view project milestone statistics:

In Project Management view, right-click anywhere on the Project and select Show Project Statistics.
The project statistics display appears.
Project bar chart