Clone a project

This procedure creates a duplicate of an existing project.

Use the Clone procedure when you want to create a project that uses the same basic information as another project. Cloned projects initially always have Planning status.

  1. Right-click the project and select Clone from the menu.
    The Project Information dialog appears.
  2. If you want to change the default project name, enter a new Name.
  3. Select the Coordinator if necessary.
    Note: You can only see projects that you yourself are coordinating. If you select someone else's name, then the project you're creating will not be visible in your own Project Management view. If you intend to edit the cloned project (add deliverables or milestones for example), you should wait and assign another coordinator after the project is completely set up.
  4. Set the Due Date if required.
    1. Click the calendar button. Assignment calendar Open
      An interactive calendar appears.

      Assignment calendar
    2. Select the required date, then click OK.
      The Project Information dialog reappears displaying the selected Due date.
  5. Click OK.
A clone project is created and added to the repository. The system assigns it a unique ID.