Set default role assignments

This procedure assigns roles such as Author or Editor to the team members.

Team members must be assigned.

Use this procedure to assign the people on your team to the roles that they will play in producing the document deliverables. Typical roles include Project Leads, Information Architects, Graphic Artists, etc. The exact titles may vary according to how your system is configured.

  1. Expand the project, if necessary, to display its items.
  2. Right-click the Default Role Assignments item, and select Manage from the menu.
    The Role Assignment dialog appears.
  3. Select the roles you need for your project.
    You can select specific people within a role by opening the tree and selecting individual names. If there are limits to the number of people that may play a specific role in a project, you'll see it here, e.g., (Max:1).

    Role selection dialog

  4. Click OK.
Your selected roles appear under the Default Role Assignments item, with the specified set of people under each role.
This procedure establishes the roles that people play in the project. You will need to explicitly assign documents to these people.