Add a deliverable to a project

Maps are added to projects as deliverables.

A map is the backbone of a document deliverable. Maps are added to projects one at a time using a drag and drop technique.

You can add resource packages to projects like any other map, and then set milestones and specify translation languages for them, if required.

  1. Expand the project, if necessary, to display its items.
  2. Use Search to display maps in the Search Results view.
  3. Drag and drop the required map onto the Deliverables item in the project tree or the Deliverables list at the bottom of the Project view.
The map appears as an item under the project's Deliverables item. All of the project's Default Translation Languages will automatically be assigned to it.
If you need to have this map translated into a language other than the defaults for the project, you will need to add a Targeted Translation Language.