Add map-specific milestones

This procedure establishes the due dates for a specific deliverable within a project.

Use this procedure when you want to assign a different set of completion dates for a deliverable map.

  1. Expand the project, if necessary, to display its items.
  2. Expand the project's Deliverables item.
    The deliverable maps appear.
  3. Expand the map whose milestones you want to specify.
  4. Right-click the Milestones item, and select Manage from the menu.
    The Manage Milestones dialog appears.

    Manage Milestones dialog

  5. Click Add.
    The Define Milestone dialog appears.

    Define Milestone dialog

  6. From the Status list, select a document milestone.
  7. Click the calendar button Assignment calendar Opento set the Due Date.
    An interactive calendar appears.

    Assignment calendar

  8. Double-click the required date.
    The Define Milestone dialog reappears showing the selected due date.
  9. (Optional): Enter a Comment.
  10. Click OK.
    The Manage Milestones dialog reappears showing your new milestone with its due date.
  11. Click Add to set additional milestones.
    Tip: If you want to delete a milestone, simply highlight its line in the Manage Milestones dialog, and then click Remove.
  12. Click OK when you're finished.
The milestones that you've defined for the deliverable appear beneath it in the Project Management view.