Assign a hyperlink to a keydef

Edits the keydef statement so that it links directly to a topic, file or URL.

  1. In the DITA Map view, right-click a keydef and select Edit Keydef Action.
    The Edit Keydef dialog appears.
  2. In the Links to... area, select href.
  3. Enter the link target into the href entry field.
  4. Select the scope as required.
    • local – if the link refers to a document that is part of the current set of content.
    • peer – this parameter’s behavior will vary according to your system’s configuration.
      • If peer has been configured as equivalent to local, the CMS will perform all validation and you’ll need to adhere to good CMS praxis when you make these links.
      • Otherwise, the CMS performs no validation and it is up to the authors to ensure that these links reference existing documents/locations.
    • external – the resource is not part of the current information set and should open in a new browser window.

      The example below shows an href to an external link:

      Edit keyref remote
  5. Click OK.
    The corresponding keydef element is written into the map file.
The code generated for the example dialog is shown below. The image that follows shows the result in the DITA Map view.
<keydef href="" keys="mal6666666666666" scope="external"/>

Edit keydef example  - remote