Assign a keyref to a keydef

This procedure shows how to edit the keydef statement so that it links to another key.

Use this option when you want to use another layer of indirection in your link.
  1. In the DITA Map view, right-click a keydef and select Edit Keydef Action.
    The Edit Keydef dialog appears.
  2. In the Links to... area, select keyref.
  3. Enter the link target into the keyref entry field.
    The image below shows an example keyref link.
    Note: If there is no corresponding keys="bar" attribute on any topicref in the map, the keyref will not resolve.
    edit keydef keyref
  4. Click OK.
    The appropriate <keydef> element is written into the map file.
The code generated for the example dialog is shown below.
<keydef keyref="bar" keys="foo"/>
The following image shows the result in the DITA Map view after the map has been released.
Edit keydef keyref resolved in map