BIRT example one: IXIASOFT CCMS data source

From the data set definition you generate the data source.

After you have saved the IXIASOFT CCMS data set definition, you can generate your CCMS data source – Aut_size_v3.tsv. You’ll see it as an item under the Data Sources item in the Search view.

You can click the file and open it in a spreadsheet application (if you have associated the extension *.tsv with that application).

The image below shows what the data set definition has extracted from the repository. You can see the various columns and the values in each of them. This is the TSV file that you’ll use as your BIRT data source in the Report Design Perspective.

Everything up until this point has been done in the DITA Perspective, but after this you’ll need to switch to the Report Design Perspective.

BIRT example one - Data Source