Configure the service account for IXIASOFT CCMS Web

IXIASOFT CCMS Web Server has a built-in dedicated user account with default settings. You need to update the default settings and then ensure that the user account is configured in your corporate authentication service.

  1. Open the TEXTML Server Administration Console, and connect to the server and the docbase.
  2. Expand the Content Store's Repository node.
  3. Browse to system/conf and locate the users.xml file.
  4. Update the default service account:
    1. Check out users.xml and open it for editing.
    2. Locate the user named WebPlatform user.
    3. Review the following default settings:
      <user active="true">
                  <first>WebPlatform user</first>
              <location>Ixiasoft Montréal</location>
    4. Update the user as follows:
      • <name> is used later during the installation.
      • <location> has no impact, but you can change it to fit your list of locations.
      • <identifer> must be a valid account in your corporate authentication service.
      • <email> is not used but must have an address with a standard email format.

      If your deployment will have more than one instance of CCMS Web connecting to the same docbase, then each instance of CCMS Web needs a service account with a unique userID/login.

    5. Save, close, and check in users.xml.
      The service account does not need a group or role.
  5. If you plan to run multiple instances of the IXIASOFT CCMS Web, create a separate user for each instance to avoid accidental timeouts of your administration sessions.
    Note: However, during installation you must use the service user you configure above.
  6. Ensure the service user account is created in your corporate authentication service, such as Active Directory.
  7. Make note of the service user account so that you can configure the installation properties to match it.