Run the installation script and verify the installation

To install IXIASOFT CCMS Web Server, you run an installation script and then open the log file to ensure the installation was successful.

  1. Run the shell script to automatically install Apache Tomcat service:
    • Windows: Right-click the WindowsInstall.bat batch file, and click Run as administrator.
    • Linux: From the directory where the package was extracted, run the following command as root:
      sh ./ 
  2. Verify that the script was successful:
    1. In the location where you extracted the package, open the installation.log file in a text editor.
    2. Scroll to the end of the log and look for the message Installation successful.
      If the Installation successful message is missing, the installation failed.
  3. Verify that CCMS Web is at the correct version and is working:
    1. Navigate to the URL for CCMS Web, which uses the following pattern:
      http://[host name]:TOMCAT_HTTP_PORT/
      For example:
    2. On the login page, verify that the Version indicates 6.4.
    3. Log in and verify that the first page opens as expected.