(Optional) Configure CCMS Web to use SSL to connect to Textml Server

If you have secured the connections between IXIASOFT TEXTML Server and the IXIASOFT CCMS Web through the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, you must enable SSL for the CCMS Web.

  1. Obtain a copy of SSL root and intermediate certificates used to secure the connections between TEXTML Server and the IXIASOFT CCMS components.
  2. In the location where you extracted the installation package, paste the certificates into the folder called ssl-certs by default.
    You can rename the ssl-certs folder; however, if it is renamed, make sure the new value if specified in the properties.txt file as the SSL_FOLDER value.
  3. Edit the properties.txt file to set the TEXTML_SSL_ENABLE and SSL_FOLDER parameters.
When you run the installation script, the certificates are integrated into the appropriate Java certificate store using each certificate's file name as the alias.