Download the IXIASOFT CCMS Web installation package

You can get the installation script for IXIASOFT CCMS Web and the files required to install its components from an installation package available as a .zip file from the IXIASOFT download page.

The package includes all of the required software, including Java, Tomcat, the CCMS Web application, and Oxygen.
  1. Download and unzip the package:
    1. Go to the 6.4 area of the IXIASOFT Downloads site:
    2. Click the CCMS_Web folder.
    3. Enter the user name and password given to you by IXIASOFT Sales.
    4. Click the latest .zip file of the installation package.
      where the platform is either windows or linux and version is the latest build version of the installation package
      For example,
    5. Extract the zip file to a temporary folder on the local drive.
      Important: Do not use spaces in the path or file name.
      Important: Do not extract to a location that would result in a long path.
  2. Notice the following important files and folders that you will use later:
    • ssl-certs folder: the folder into which the root and intermediary certificates are placed if you use SSL encryption to connect to the IXIASOFT TEXTML Server.
    • krb5.ini file: a template of the krb5.ini Kerberos configuration file if the CCMS Web will connect to a TEXTML Server that uses Kerberos authentication.
    • properties.txt file: contains the parameters required for setting up the server and connections between all the components.
    • WindowsInstall.bat or file: the Windows or Linux installation script to install the Tomcat server and CCMS Web.