Set parameters required for Dynamic Release Management deployment

Three parameters need to be configured within properties.txt for IXIASOFT CCMS Web that implements the IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management cache system.

For an implementation of CCMS Web utilizing IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management, these parameters need to be configured in properties.txt.
  1. In the location where you extracted the package, open the properties.txt file in a text editor.
  2. Add or configure the following parameters as required.
    Parameter Describes

    The hostname of the server where the Web Application is installed.



    The hostname cannot include spaces.


    The port number for connecting the replication service between TEXTML Server and the Web Application Server.

    Default value: 3200. This value can be different if there are many Application Servers sharing a single computer.


    This is a string describing the replication connection. Using the name of the Web Application Server is strongly recommended. It should also be unique for TEXTML Server if there are many docbases and many application servers.

    The name of a docbase cannot include spaces.

  3. Save and close the properties.txt file.