Working with the Library Dependency Editor

The Library Dependency Editor displays the dependency graph for a library, called the focus library.

From the Library Dependency Editor, you can perform the following operations on the focus library: add a child library, remove a child library, and update a child library version.

The following diagram shows a sample library dependency graph:
Library dependency diagram
When a diagram is first displayed, the library layers are organized hierarchically, with the highest level on top. The diagram uses the following color codes for boxes:
  • Pink fill: Library version for which you are seeing dependencies. This is the focus library.
  • Black outline: Version currently selected in the diagram.
  • Green outline: Parent(s) of the selected version.
  • Blue outline: Children of the selected version.
When you hover the mouse over a library version, the other available versions for this library are displayed in a tooltip, as follows:
Other versions available

If no version is available, the message "No other version" is displayed.

If a change is made in the Library Dependency Editor that results in a violation in the dependency rules between libraries, the objects appear in red.

Figure: Example of objects in conflict