Download and install Remote Desktop client for macOS

To connect to IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop in a dedicated SaaS deployment use must use a remote desktop connection. For macOS users, IXIASOFT recommends that you use the native Remote Desktop (RDP) client for MacOS.

  1. Go to Get started with the macOS client and download the Microsoft Remote Desktop client for Mac.
  2. Use the Remote Desktop Setup Wizard to install Microsoft RDP.
  3. IXIASOFT recommends following the Microsoft instructions to set it up

    For more information on installing, see Frequently asked questions about Remote Desktop clients.

  4. (Optional): If you have issues with Microsoft RDP, you can use an older build.
    1. Go to Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta.
    2. Download and install version 10.3.2 (1650).

Once the Microsoft RDP client is installed, you can double-click on the RDP file that was downloaded from the IXIASOFT RDP web interface to launch the Remote Desktop Connection window.