Download and install Royal TS Remote Desktop for macOS

To connect to IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop in a dedicated SaaS deployment use must use a remote desktop connection. For macOS users, you can install Royal TS Remote Desktop to use for the remote desktop conntection.

  1. Go to and download Royal TSX for macOS.
  2. Go to Downloads and double-click the .dmg file.
  3. After the package opens, drag the Royal TSX icon into the Applications folder.
  4. Open the Royal TSX application.
  5. On the main menu, click Plugins.
  6. Search for and install the plugin named Remote Desktop.
  7. Click Apply & Close.
  8. In the left menu of the same window, in the Connection Types section double-click Remote Desktop.
    A new settings window appears.
  9. In the Remote Desktop section, select Display Options.
  10. Set Colors to True Color (32 bit).
  11. In the Advanced section, select Redirection.
  12. Select All disk drives or choose the folder that you want to be visible in the Remote Desktop session for the file transfer capability.
  13. In the Advanced section, select Remote Desktop Gateway.
  14. Fill in the fields as follows:
    Field Select / Enter
    Gateway Mode Specify Gateway Settings
    Use Gateway Server Always
    Gateway Server <company> where <company> is your company's name
    Transport Type HTTP
    Logon Method Specify username and password
    Username <domain>\<username> where <domain> <username> is your IXIASOFT CCMS username
    Password <password> where <password> is your IXIASOFT CCMS password.
  15. In the Royal TSX application menu, select File > New Document.
    To connect to the RDP hostname, you must create a new document and set the connection in it. The additional menu should expand under New Document menu.
  16. Select Connections, and then right-click and select Add > Remote Desktop.
  17. In the Remote Desktop Connection Settings menu, select Remote Desktop.
  18. Fill out the fields as follows:
    Field Select / Enter
    Display Name Enter a name for the connection
    Port Leave as 3389
  19. Click Apply & Close.

The connection is now ready to use. You can double click on the connection link in the left menu and log in.