Create a version tag

A version tag is an object that captures the contents of a product or library version at a particular point in time. It contains the list of all the objects that were in a version.

You can then use this tag to create a new version.

Note: Creating a version tag on a product will not tag its underlying libraries. Only the direct content of the product will be tagged. If you need to tag a library, you must create the tag on a library version.

To create a version tag:

  1. From the Dynamic Release Management window, right-click the version to tag and select Tag.
    The Create Tag window is displayed. By default, the name of the tag is tag_<version>_<date><hour>.
  2. In the Name field, keep the suggested name or enter a new one.
  3. Enter a Description.
  4. Click OK.
The tag is created. You can search for the tag by selecting Others > Version tag in the Document Types panel of the Search view.