Customize toolbar visibility

Use this procedure to display or hide toolbar options in the current perspective.

You can configure any of the perspectives in Eclipse so that they show only the toolbars that you use most frequently.

For example, if you use a text editor frequently in the DITA Perspective, you might find it convenient to have it display whitespace characters such as tab and space. You would do this by enabling the Editor Presentation toolbar.

  1. From the Window menu, select Perspective > Customize Perspective....
    The Customize Perspective - perspectivename dialog opens.

    The perspectivename indicates the current Eclipse perspective – the one you are customizing.

  2. Select the Toolbar Visibility tab.
    Note: To enable toolbar options other than those of IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop, you may need to enable their command groups. This is done in the Command Groups Availability tab in this dialog.
  3. Add or remove toolbar options as required.
  4. Click OK.