Enable Eclipse command groups

Use this procedure to enable the commands that appear on menus and toolbars.

Many of the menu and toolbar options must first be enabled, before they can be made visible.

  1. From the Window menu, select Perspective > Customize Perspective....
    The Customize Perspective - perspectivename dialog opens.

    The perspectivename indicates the current Eclipse perspective – the one you are customizing.

  2. Select the Commands tab.
    In the Commands tab, you can highlight each of the Available command groups to see the menu and toolbar options that are available.
  3. In the Available command groups list, select the option you want to add to the current perspective.
  4. Repeat as needed for each toolbar you want to add to the perspective.
  5. Click OK.
You can now go to the Toolbar Visibility or Menu Visibility tab and select the required menu and toolbar options.