Clear information from the cache

This feature removes server information from your local cache, so that you can have access to the most recent information.

IXIASOFT CCMS keeps information from the server on the local machine for the purposes of optimizing performance. This information is updated approximately every 2 minutes, which results in a small lag behind what you see in the IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop and the file status information on the server.

Clearing your local machine's cache updates server information immediately. You will however, notice a small increase in time for subsequent operations such as searches during the 5 or 10 minutes that it takes for the cache information to be rebuilt.
Note: Cache information is distinct from the local copies of any topics or other documents you may working on. Clearing the cache in no way affects these.
  1. From the Window menu, select Preferences....
    The Preferences dialog opens.
  2. Select IXIASOFT CCMS > General Behavior.
    The General Behavior pane appears.
  3. Click Clear Memory Cache.
Information in the local machine's memory cache is cleared, and replaced with the most recent information from the server.