Release all subtopics for a topic

You can easily release all the subtopics of a topic in a DITA map.

  • The topics must be in the locked state.

  • Files can only be released by the user who locked them.
Use this procedure to release an entire group of subtopics quickly. Note that you cannot enter comments for sub-topics released this way. If you wish to add comments, use the release documents procedure instead.

To release all subtopics for a topic:

  1. Open the map with the topics you want to release.
  2. In the DITA Map view, click the expand icon: to display all nodes in the map.
  3. Select the parent topic whose sub-topics you want to release.
  4. Right-click and select Sub-tree > Release.
    A confirmation window appears:
    Figure: Confirming a multi-topic release

  5. (Optional): Click Yes.
    The subtopics are updated in the repository of the Content Store and are once again available to other users.