Reltable example one: CRT row structure

Once you’ve inserted a reltable into a map, you’ll start adding rows. IXIASOFT CCMS offers several types of pre-configured rows.

This example shows the structure of a CRT row, that is a row with three cells, each supporting a specific type of topic: Concept, Reference, and Task.

The screen capture below shows the Reltable Editing Perspective. The DITA map view has been expanded, and three topics are highlighted. These are the ones that are being used in the reltable.

The Relationship Table editor is also open, with the “oil change” row highlighted. You can see that each of the highlighted topics is in the row appropriate to its topic type:
  • Concept – When Should I Change my Oil?
  • Task – Changing your Oil
  • Reference – Oil Grades and Weights

The example uses the default linking – normal – as indicated by the decoration ( ). Normal linking means that the links will be reciprocal: the task will refer to the concept and the concept will refer to the task. And likewise for the task and reference topics. Each topic is linked to both of the others.

You can see the output this produces in Example One: CRT row output.

Reltable example 1