Reltable example four: linking direction

You can override the default linking direction.

By default, links are reciprocal. Topics in adjacent reltable cells refer back and forth to each other (as we showed in examples One and Two). Sometimes, however, you’ll want to limit this reciprocity to avoid overwhelming the reader with irrelevant links.

In the example below (Figure: "Reltable Contents"), we can see how several localization tasks – shown in the left-hand cell – are all given a related link to a single task (which deals with setting up a place on your hard drive where files will automatically be saved).

In order to suppress related links pointing back from the Configuration topic to all the tasks in the left-hand cell, we’ve set the linking direction on that topic to “targetonly” ( linking targetonly icon).

It’s worth noting that the topics in the left hand cell will not be linked with each other. Links are always between adjacent cells.
Figure: Reltable Contents

reltable example 4