Create a new version of a map

To create a new version of a map, you add the map to that version using the Create New Instance DRM option.

The IXIASOFT CCMS then automatically branches the map by creating a new version of the map with the same content as the source map. The new version of the map references the version of the container to which it was added. All of the map's child objects are also added to the version, as shown in the following diagram:

Branching, phase 1

The new version automatically reuses all the content objects from its source version. At this point, changes made in Version 1 are automatically propagated to Version 2.

When you add a map to a version, you also have the option of cloning its child objects, instead of reusing the same objects in both maps.

For example, consider a map (MapA v1) with three topics. By default, when you add a map to another version, the system creates a new version of the map (MapA v2) that references the exact same three topics as MapA v1 (through a container). You can also select the option to clone the child objects that the map contains. In this case, the new version of the map (MapA v2) will reference copies (clones) of the MapA v1 child objects.

If the map is also associated to a Build Manifest, you can choose to clone it along with the map so it is also added to the version. If you do not clone the Build Manifest when you add the map to a new version, you can create a new Build Manifest for the map later.

To create a new version of a map:

  1. Right-click the map and select IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management > Create New Instance.
    Note: The map must not be locked.
    The Select Versions dialog box is displayed, listing the releases and versions available for the product or library to which the map belongs. Any versions that the objects are already a part of are displayed are disabled.
  2. (Optional): To create copies of the map's child objects, select Clone a new instance for all the topics/images/resources under the map. To continue referring to the original child objects from the source map, clear the checkbox.
  3. To create a copy of the associated Build Manifest, select Clone linked Build Manifest. Clear the checkbox if you want to create a new instance of the map without a copy of the Build Manifest.
  4. (Optional): Click the Save Settings button to save the display settings for the next time that you use this dialog.
  5. Select the version(s) to which you are adding the map and click Add.
    The map is added to the selected versions.