Open a map in a DITA map editor

This procedure lets you open a map in one of the associated map editors.

The DITA Map Editor is supplied with IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop. The other choices that appear depend on your system configuration.

You can have several different maps open in different kinds of map editors at the same time. You can switch from one map to another by clicking the tab with the map title; your file will appear in the editor with which you opened it.

In fact, it is recommended that you have more than one style of editor associated with your documents. One, like the DITA Map Editor for an overall structural view; another, such as Simple XML Editor or Oxygen, for looking at XML details.
Note: The Open With menu option becomes available when you have two editors associated with a given file extension. To get access to the DITA Map Editor, simply configure Simple XML Editor as one of your *.ditamap editors.

To open a map in a DITA Map Editor:

Right-click the map and select Open With, then select the editor from the menu list.
The map opens in the selected map editor.