Resolve all the topics in a map

You can now resolve all the topics when opening a map.

This option can be useful to see the content of the whole map without having to generate the output of the map.

When you select this option, you can see the contents of the map in the Author view of the map. For example:
Map with topics resolved
Note: You can see the content of the map, but you cannot edit it. You must open each object separately before you can edit it.
This option also allows you to open the map in Oxygen and not see error messages such as the following:
Target file not found

To resolve all the keys in a map:

  1. Open a view that lists the map.
  2. Right-click the map and select Open With > XML Editor with resolved topics.
    The IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop resolved all the keys in the map and opens the map. Depending on the size of the map, this can take a long time.