Rename a DITA 1.0 map

This procedure renames a map created with a DITA 1.0 DTD.

The map must be locked.

Under the DITA 1.0 specification, DITA maps obtained their names from the title attribute of the map element. If your map was created using such a DTD, then use this procedure to rename it.

  1. Use Search to display the map in the Search Results view.
  2. Lock and open the map or right-click it and select Edit from the menu.
    The map opens in the DITA Map view.
  3. Highlight the map name.
  4. Open the Properties view. Either:
    • Click its tab if it's already available in the workspace, or
    • From the menu bar, click Window > Show view > Properties.
    The Properties view appears.
  5. In the Property column, scroll down the list of Attributes and find the title attribute.
  6. Change the Value of the title attribute as required.
  7. (Optional): To see the new name, release the map and double-click the map title to refresh the view.