About DITA Map view and DITA Map Editor

The DITA Map view and DITA Map Editor offer similar features for working with DITA maps. DITA Map view has additional features available from its menu.

IXIASOFT CCMS provides you with two ways to look at and work with maps:

  • DITA Map Editor: Appears in the editor area.
  • DITA Map view: Can be positioned anyplace in the DITA Perspective (or even floated outside the Eclipse Workbench). This view offers you all the functionality of the DITA Map Editor, with added advanced features available from its menu button.

Both of these provide you with a hierarchical view of the map (the document structure) and its component topics. Both let you drag and drop topics into the map, and then move them around within the map structure. And they both have a History list that lets you quickly re-open the maps you’ve recently been working on.

In addition, both of them offer you buttons that facilitate working with topics and sub-trees. The Expand and Collapse buttons offer a quick way to deal with large complex sub-trees, by expanding or collapsing all elements in the selected structure. The Print map button gives you a way of creating a hard copy of the entire map structure. And the arrow buttons let you move documents up and down within a sub-tree, as well as promote them within the map hierarchy.

DITA Map Editor

Use the DITA Map Editor when you want to work with more than one map at the same time: perhaps you want to compare the structure of two very similar maps. You can have several open in the editor area, and switch between them as you would with any other document.

Use them to add and remove topics from the map and change their position in the map. You can even drag topics directly from one map into the other.

DITA Map View

The DITA Map view offers all the basic functionality of the DITA Map Editor and adds advanced features that let you view map elements, build relationship tables, and perform searches on the underlying XML of your topics and map. You can access these advanced features from its menu button.

DITA map view and editor