Using library elements

Once you have added a library to a version, you can reference any element or object in that library from your version documents.

Adding a library to a version means that any key used in that library is now resolvable by the version.

For example, suppose that you want to use elements from the IXIA_Legal library in a document. You have added the IXIA_Legal library version (for example, IXIA_Legal_2015_01_01) to the version for your map (for example, Acme_4.0.4).

To reference an object from the library, you can:
  1. Use the Dynamic Release Management panel in the Search view to display all the objects that are in a library version.
  2. Add the objects displayed in the Search Results to the map or topic, as appropriate.
Note: When you change the status of library objects, it impacts the workflow and status of the map or topic using that library object. For example, a map in the Authoring:done status has a library object in it. If this library object moves to the Authoring:draft status, the map that uses this object will also change to the Authoring:draft status.