Add a reltable to a map

This procedure creates a new relationship table in a map.

The map must be locked.

IXIASOFT CCMS lets you insert a pre-formatted table of type CRT into a map. The CRT table has a single row, which contains three relcells. Each of these relcells has its type attribute set to concept, reference, or task, respectively.

Note: The exact configuration of available pre-formatted tables may vary with your installation, all the details are configurable. New templates can also be created for your environment. See the Administration Guide for IXIASOFT CCMS for more information.

You can retype these cells as you wish or add cells and rows of other types, as you find convenient.

You can have as many reltables as you want in a single map.

  1. Open the Reltable Editing Perspective.
  2. Right-click in the Table Display area of the Reltable Editing view, then select New Reltable > CRT Table.xml.
    Note: Other options may be available according to your configuration.

    New reltable

    A dialog box appears, asking you to enter a name for the table.

  3. Enter a name and click OK.
A new table of the selected type is added to the map.