Add an unconfigured row to a reltable

You can add a row that has none of its attributes set to a reltable in your DITA map.

The map must be locked.

There may be times when you want to work outside the restrictions of a pre-configured row. IXIASOFT CCMS lets you add row elements directly to a reltable, so that you can configure them the way that best suits you.

  1. Open the Reltable Editing Perspective.
  2. In the Table Display area of the Reltable Editing view, highlight the table where you want to add the row.
  3. Right-click, then select Insert Element > relrow.
A new untyped row is added to the reltable.
Note: After you have inserted the new row, it's a good idea to assign it a name. This allows you to search for the row in the Table Display area.