Insert a topic group into a reltable cell

Use this procedure to create and configure topic groups.

The map must be locked.

Topic groups let you create relationships among the topics within a reltable cell. The specifics of the output they produce will depend on the XSL that is applied to them.

  1. In the Table Display area of the Reltable Editing view, highlight the row where you want to add the topic.
    The selected row's contents appear in the Row Display area.
  2. Right-click the reltable cell where you want to insert the group, then select one of the following values:
    • Insert group: choice
    • Insert group: family
    • Insert group: unordered
    Note: The choices available depend on your configuration.
    You can insert these groups into any type of cell. The screen shot below shows a sequence group inside a concept type of cell.

    Insert topic group
  3. Drag and drop topics into the group.
    You can drag topics from the DITA Map view, from other cells in the row, or from within the cell where you've inserted the group.