Change the type of a reltable cell

Use this procedure to reassign or remove the limiting type of a reltable cell in a CRT cell; or to set the type of an untyped cell.

The map must be locked.

If you have created a pre-configured CRT row you may at some point want to change a cell's type so that it accepts other types of topics. Or you may want to remove the type attribute altogether so that the cell accepts all types of topics.

Or, if you have created an untyped row, you may want to limit it to a specific type of topic.

  1. In the Table Display area, highlight the row that contains the cell you want to re-type.
    The selected row's contents appear in the Row Display area.
  2. Highlight the cell.

    highlight reltable cell
  3. In the Properties view, click in the entry field for the type attribute.
  4. Enter the type you want to assign to the cell.
    If you're removing the type, simply clear the contents of the field.
  5. Click the Refresh button in the DITA Map view.
The cell type is reassigned and the new type appears in the Table Display area and in the Row Display area.