Change the collection-type of a topic group

Use this procedure to reassign or remove the collection-type of a topic group within a reltable cell.

The map must be locked.

You may at some point want to change a topic goup's collection-type from one type – such as "family" – to another valid value: "choice", for example. Or you may want to remove the collection-type attribute altogether.

  1. In the Table Display area, highlight the row that contains the group whose type you want to change.
    The selected row's contents appear in the Row Display area.
  2. Highlight the group.

    Change group collection-type
  3. In the Properties view, click in the entry field for the collection-type attribute.
  4. Enter the value you want to assign to the cell.
    As of DITA 1.1, the valid values are:
    • unordered
    • sequence
    • choice
    • family
    If you're removing the type, simply clear the contents of the field.
  5. Click the Refresh button in the DITA Map view.
The group's collection-type is reassigned and the new type appears in the Row Display area.