Set linking direction

This procedure describes how to specify whether links are visible in source or target topics.

The map must be locked.

You have the option of setting up directional links between topics so that one topic can refer to another, without having a link back in return (or vice versa).

You can set the linking properties of entire cells, of individual topics within cells, or for topic groups within cells.

To set the linking direction:

  1. In the Row Display area of the Reltable Editing view, highlight the cell, topic, or topic group.
  2. You can set the linking direction in two ways:
    • Right-click the cell, topic, or topic group and select Linking > <direction>, where <direction> is one of the following:
      • targetonly: The topic can only be linked to; it cannot make links to other topics.
      • sourceonly: The topic can link to other topics; other topics cannot link to it.
      • normal: The topic can link in both directions. This is the default value, and does not have to be entered.
      • none: A topic cannot link or be linked to.
      • -dita-use-conref-target: In case of conrefs, indicates that the linking value should be pulled in from the target.

      See the DITA specification for more information.

    • In the Properties view set the linking attribute to the required value.
The linking property of the object is set, and the appropriate link direction icons appear next to the selected object.