Reviewers and contributors in CCMS Web

The following are some recommendations for managing reviewers and contributors in IXIASOFT CCMS Web.

Introducing CCMS Web to reviewers

When you introduce your reviewers and contributors to CCMS Web, point out the editing or reviewing tools that they might use. The interface contains features that are intended for a range of users, from those who have little knowledge of markup languages to those who are familiar with HTML, XML, or even DITA. Have them focus on what you want them to use.

Also, since each company's workflow is different, explain when and how you want them to check in and return the content assigned to them.

Assignments for contributors

When assigning topics, be mindful of the DITA knowledge level of the person who will be working on them. By default, Topic Editor for contributors camouflages the complexity of DITA, allowing contributors to work on the content in a simplified environment. However, some topics may use DITA elements in a way that might make the topic overwhelming or confusing to edit for user new to DITA.

For example, topics with conditional text may be difficult for contributors to edit if they do not know about DITA or conditional profiling attributes. And some contributors might not know how to add or edit the elements, keys, conrefs, and so on.

Similarly, avoid assigning referable-content topics unless the contributor understands DITA or you provide the base element to be reused, for example, a p element in the rcbody element.