Example workflow: Review using an Approval

This is an example to illustrate how an Approval is performed.

Taylor, the technical writer, has finished the final draft of a user guide. Before publishing, he needs to send it to his subject matter experts (SMEs) Tobias, Amrit, and Roselyn to get their final approval.

1. Once the topics in a map are ready to be reviewed, Taylor sets them to either the Authoring:complete or Authoring:done status. Then he sets the map that is to be reviewed to Authoring:approval.
2. Taylor creates an Approval and assigns Tobias, Amrit, and Roselyn as approvers.
3. Tobias, Amrit, and Roselyn all get emails about the approval. They open their My Assignments page, and each sees an Approval assigned to them.
4. Tobias and Amrit both click the View button for the Approval and start working on it. Roselyn leaves it for later.
5. Tobias approves, but Amrit rejects the approval. Roselyn does not get to look at the Approval because the default configuration is to end the Approval and return it for re-working if one approver rejects the Approval.
6. Taylor gets an email notification of the rejection and views the Approval in the CCMS.
7. Taylor reviews the reason Amrit gave for rejecting the Approval and makes edits.
8. Taylor creates another Approval and assigns it to Tobias, Amrit, and Roselyn again.
9.The Approval assignments for Tobias, Amrit, and Roselyn appear on their My Assignments pages.
10. Tobias, Amrit, and Roselyn each review the Approval and approve it.
11. Taylor opens the Approval in CCMS Desktop and moves to the next phase.