Example workflow: Reviewer editing a topic

This is an example to illustrate how a topic could be handled by a reviewer using IXIASOFT CCMS Web.

In this example Taylor, the technical writer, has to document a new feature. His subject matter expert and reviewer is Jordan, who will provide Taylor with an initial review of the content.

Done in IXIASOFT CCMS Done in CCMS Web
1. Taylor creates a topic and adds content.
2. Once the topic is ready for review, he assigns Jordan as the Reviewer on the topic.
3. He changes the status of the topic from Authoring:work to Authoring:review. 4. Jordan, the subject matter expert, opens the My Assignments page, and sees the topic displayed as available.
5. She clicks Edit and opens the topic in the Topic Editor.
6. She edits the topic with track changes on, adding a new image.
7. She clicks Check In to unlock the topic. She then clicks Move, where she selects the status Authoring:work for the topic.
8. Taylor sees the topic appear in his Todo List view.
9. He locks the topic and begins working through the edits provided by Jordan.