Action icons and buttons for objects

Each type of object (such as a map, topic, or Collaborative Review) has different actions allowed for it.

The allowed actions for an object appear wherever the object appears in IXIASOFT CCMS Web, such as on the My Assignments page or in your Favorites side panel.

The available actions appear in the row for the object, such as on the My Assignments page. Or they are available from the More Options icon (More Options icon).

When you are working on an object in an editor (such as Topic Editor or Map Editor), some common actions appear as buttons instead of icons. Only some actions have buttons.

Note: Some actions are not allowed on objects in specific statuses. Actions that are not allowed either do not appear or are grayed-out.
Table 1. List of action icons and buttons
Icon Button Name Description
Check in icon Check in button Check in You can check in the object. This saves your work and lets other users see it.
Dependencies icon None Dependencies You can view the dependencies of the object. You can see how this object is related to other objects.
Edit icon Edit button Edit You can check out and edit the object.
Generate Output icon None Generate Output You can generate the output of a map. You can find the generated content on your My Outputs page.
Move icon Move button Move You can move an object. You can use this to move the object to the next status in the workflow or assign other users.

For Approvals, you can click Move to approve or reject the Approval.

For Collaborative Reviews, reviewers can say that they are finished with a review.

Revert icon Revert button Revert You can revert the object, which discards your changes. This reverts the object to the last version that was checked in.
Review icon for Collaborative Reviews None Review You can view the Collaborative Review and add annotations to the content.
Revision History icon None Revision History You can view the Revision History page for the object.
None View button View In Map Editor, the Structure view changes depending on whether the map is checked out by you.

When it is checked out, you can edit the organization of the topics in the map, but you cannot perform actions on topics, such as editing them.

You can click View to see these actions again in Structure view without needing to check in the map.

Click Edit to return Structure view to where you can edit the map structure.

View Approval icon None View Approval You can view the Approval and approve or reject it.
Worklists icon None Worklists You can add objects to a worklist.