Interface for IXIASOFT CCMS Web

IXIASOFT CCMS Web uses different pages to show content, assignments, or other information. Each page is customized to fit a specific purpose, such as writing content or managing assignments.

Page layout in CCMS Web

Pages in CCMS Web often have a similar layout, with these general areas to a page:

  1. The Navigation bar
  2. A Dashboard area or toolbar
  3. A Dynamic Grid, List area, or Main Editing area

The Navigation bar

You can use the Navigation bar for basic functions and paths to different features of CCMS Web. The Navigation bar appears on every page in CCMS Web.

Figure: Navigation bar
Navigation bar

Here are the main icons and their functions:

Icon Description
Main Menu icon Provides access to other features in CCMS Web depending on your role.
Favorites side panel icon Icon to open your Favorites side panel, where all the objects you mark as favorites are displayed.
Worklists icon Icon to open your Worklists side panel, which shows all the worklists you are a member of.
IXIASOFT logo The IXIASOFT logo, which brings you back to the homepage.
Search icon Search icon. Enter keywords and then click to search for objects in CCMS Web.
Advanced Search Filter icon Advanced Search filters. Click to open the Advanced Search side panel.
Username icon Person icon followed by your login name.
Help icon Opens help in a side panel for the current page in CCMS Web.
Sign Out icon Logs out of CCMS Web.

The Dashboard area

The Dashboard area summarizes important information that appears on the page. For example, on the My Assignments page, it shows how many assignments you have and critical information about them.

Figure: Dashboard area on the My Assignments page
Dashboard area on the My Assignments page

Dynamic Grid

Some pages have a Dynamic Grid. For example, on the My Assignments page the Dynamic Grid shows all the active assignments for you in CCMS Web.

Figure: List of Assignments
List of Assignments

You can customize the Dynamic Grid to see whatever information is most important to you.

List area

Some pages and views have a list of objects in a List area. For example, on the My Outputs page, there is a list of the outputs you have generated.

Figure: My Outputs page
My Outputs page

Main Editing area

In editors like Map Editor and Topic Editor, the Main Editing area is where you edit the content of the map or topic. In a Collaborative Review, it is where you review the content and add annotations.

Figure: Main Editing area for the Content view in Map Editor
Main Editing area for the Content view in Map Editor