Revision History

Whenever an important change happens to an object, IXIASOFT CCMS Web creates a new revision. CCMS Web tracks all the changes to an object with each revision and stores the information in the revision history.

Each important change to an object is recorded as a revision in the revision history, which you can view on the Revision History page. The Revision History page shows when important changes occurred, such as:

  • Checking in an object
  • Cloning an object
  • Forking an object
  • Changing an object from the final status in its workflow to an earlier status
Figure: Revision History page
Revision History page

For each revision, the Revision History page shows information about the change:

  • The type of change that occurred
  • The user or action that made the change
  • The time of the event
  • Any comments the user entered while making the change

Each revision of an object is given a number. Revision numbers are managed by CCMS Web to ensure they are the same for all users.

What kinds of things are tracked

You can check the revision history of an object to see the complete history of that object, such as:

  • What comments a user entered when checking in
  • When objects were modified
  • When objects changed status
  • Who rejected or approved an Approval
  • From which revision clones were made
  • From which revision new instances were made
  • From which revision of a map Collaborative Reviews or Approvals were made

Actions for objects in Revision History page

While in the Revision History page, you can take actions on the most recent revisions of an object. For example, you could edit the current revision of a topic or view the revision history for a clone of the topic.

The actions available depend on the type of object and its current status. You can perform all the same actions that are available on other pages like the My Assignments page.