Search for objects

You can use the Search in the Navigation bar to quickly find objects in IXIASOFT CCMS Web.

Unlike the My Assignments page, where you can only see what is assigned to you, you can use the search to find any object you want.

  1. In the Navigation bar, enter keywords, an ID, or filename you want to search for in the Search for field.
    You can also use operators in the Search for field. For more information on them, see Operators and wildcards for search.
  2. (Optional): If you want to restrict your search for keywords, select where to search for keywords from the Search in drop-down list.
    You can use this to limit the search to keywords in places like titles or filenames.

    The items in the drop-down list are indexes. The configuration of your deployment determines what indexes are available. Ask your administrator if you want to search in additional indexes.

  3. Click Search icon.
    The search results appear in a Dynamic Grid. More results load as you scroll down. The search criteria that you used are shown in chips at the top of the page.
  4. (Optional): Use the Dynamic Grid to sort or filter the results.
    Important: If you use the Dynamic Grid to apply a filter or sort the results on the Search page, only the objects that have loaded are sorted and filtered. Scroll down to load more results and sort or filter them.
  5. (Optional): To save the search query, bookmark the page in your browser.
    Bookmarking the page saves the search parameters you used for the search. Each time you open the bookmark, the same search automatically runs again.
    Note: Since the search runs each time you open the bookmark, the results update each time.

    For example, you save a search for objects modified in the last 7 days. On the day you open the bookmark, the results show the objects modified in the 7 days before that day.