Dependencies view

You can open the Dependencies view (Dependencies icon) to find all the relationships between objects in IXIASOFT CCMS Web. Any kind of relationship one object has to another object is called a dependency.

Examples of dependencies

The most common dependency is the dependency shared between a map and all the topics and submaps that are added to it. The map references all these objects, and all these objects are referenced by the map.

All dependencies are reciprocal relationships. For example, a cross reference from one topic to another appears as a dependency for both objects. The first topic references the second topic, and the second topic is referenced by the first.

Figure: Dependencies view
Dependencies view

Dependencies track information like the following:

  • Where topics are reused (referenced by a map)
  • If a topic links to another (one topic references another topic)
  • If topics are cloned or have other instances (instances / clones of a topic)
  • If a map has submaps (references a map) or is a submap (referenced by a map)
  • If a map has been made into a Collaborative Review or Approval

Actions for objects in Dependencies view

While in the Dependencies view, you can take actions on any of the listed dependencies. For example, you could generate the output of a map or open a topic to edit.

The actions available depend on the type of object and its current status. You can perform all the same actions that are available on other pages like the My Assignments page.