Sort search results

You can sort your search results in the Search Results view by using the columns.

The columns available for sorting are completely customizable.

  • Click on a column header to sort the search results by that column.
    For example, clicking on the Title column will sort the search results alphabetically by title name. Clicking again will invert the search order.
    Note: The Last Mod By column sorts users by their usernames, but depending on your deployment the values displayed in the Last Mod By column might be users' email addresses instead of their usernames. The column might not be ordered alphabetically.
  • (Optional): To add another column to sort by, right-click any column header and select the column you want to add.
    Tip: When you export the search results, it includes all the info in each column. So you can change the info included in the exported file by adding or removing columns.
  • (Optional): To remove a column, right-click any column header and select any column that already has a check mark.
  • (Optional): To re-order the columns, drag and drop the column headers in the order you want.