Search the XML content of a map

You can quickly search through the content of documents in a map, including the XML elements and attributes.

  1. Open the DITA perspective.
  2. Open a map in the DITA Map view.
  3. (Optional): To search only certain topics in the map, do the following:
    1. Select them
    2. Under Applies to, click Selection.
  4. In the DITA Map view, click the Menu button (Down arrow).
  5. Select Search and Replace.
    The Search and Replace dialog box appears:
    Figure: Search and Replace

    Search and Replace
  6. Under Containing text, enter the search string.
    To search recently used text or expressions, click the drop-down list under Containing text and make a selection.
    Note: Your search string can include wildcards, but it cannot include operators.
  7. (Optional): If desired, select one or more Options:
    • Case sensitive to find only text that matches the case in your search string.
    • Whole word to find only whole words that match the search string. (If this is selected, a search for "cat" would ignore the word "catastrophe".)
    • Regular expression to use Regular Expressions (RegEx) to find a codified pattern. If this option is not selected, the [ ] characters, if used, will be interpreted as wildcards.
  8. Click Search

The documents that match your search criteria appear in the Search view:

Figure: Search view

Search view