Appended search results

When you locate documents or append search results, the results are stored in separate lists. This way both searches are maintained, and the Search Results view does not automatically discard the results of the last search.

This is shown in the following diagram:
Change Status Error

While the appended results are organized in separate lists, the Search Results functions apply to all the results in the window. For example, if you want to group the search results in the diagram above using a viewpoint, the results from the previous search and from the Locator search are combined before they are grouped.

Isolating results

In some cases, you may want to work with the results of only one of the searches. For example, you want to change the status of a map, but some of its children do not have the appropriate status. A dialog similar to the following appears:
Change Status Error

To easily change the status of the children before you change the status of the map, you may want to group the results by status. To work with the Locator results only, you need to first isolate them.