Date search features

You can use the Dates panel of the Search view to search for documents created or modified on exact calendar dates (Fixed Date) or for documents you worked on Yesterday or Last Week (Relative Date).

You have the same choice of Fixed and Relative dates if you choose to search within other time frames: Before a given Date, Since a Date, and Between two Dates. If you choose Between two Dates, you can apply any of the date search criteria to each endpoint.

The following example shows how to search for documents modified on or after May 21st 2009 but before Yesterday.

search dates between

You can also search for all documents that were not created on a specific date. The following example shows how to search for documents created any day except Yesterday.

search dates without

The interactive calendar

When you search by specifying a Fixed Date, you can open an interactive calendar by clicking the Choose date with calendar button.
Assignment calendar Open
Use the calendar to quickly navigate between months, years, and decades by clicking the hypertext links.