Search IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management objects

The DRM module provides a panel in the Search view to search for specific DRM objects.

For example, you can use it to search all the documentation for topics or images that are used in multiple versions.

The following diagram shows the IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management panel:
DRM Search Panel

To search for DRM objects:

  1. Open the Search view.
  2. In the Search view, complete the other panes as needed.
  3. Open the IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management pane.
  4. To add a search criterion, click the Add Versions button (Add Versions button).
    The Select Versions dialog box is displayed. You use the dialog box to select the versions to include in the search.
    Select Versions window
  5. In the All Products/Libraries pane, select the products that you want to display in the Selected Products, Releases, Versions pane.
    The products, releases, and versions configured for your deployment are displayed.
  6. To hide products, releases, and versions according to the exclusion filters, click Apply global exclusion filter settings.
  7. (Optional): Click the Save Settings button to save the display settings for the next time that you use this dialog.
  8. Select the versions to search and click OK.
  9. Choose whether you want to include the child libraries in the search or not:
    • To include results from the child libraries in your search, select the Include child libraries checkbox.
    • To exclude results from the child libraries, clear the Include child libraries checkbox.
  10. When you have finished setting your search parameters, click Search.