Find a topic in a map

You can find out where a topic is in the map that you have open in DITA Map view.

You must have the map open in the DITA Map view.

You can use this to find a topic that is either open in Oxygen XML Editor or selected in a view, such as the Search Results view.

Note: You can also use this feature to find images or resources that are referenced directly by the map. This is useful if you are using the DRM module or for images used in <keydef> maps.

To select the topic in a map:

  • In the DITA toolbar, click the Select in map button (Select in Map button).
    The topic must be open and selected (have focus) in the editor area for this to work.
  • From most views (Search Result, Dependencies, Documents, etc.), right-click the object and select Select in map.

The object is highlighted in the open map. If necessary, the appropriate map sub-trees expand to show the location.